I was born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a rare, degenerative disorder. Having limited mobility, I've been in

a power wheelchair since I was three years old.


To say that my life is unusual is an understatement and I feel a growing need to bring awareness to chronic illness. Many people don't understand what my life is like and what obstacles I face everyday, mostly because up until now I've been too scared to let people in.


But now I am ready to share pieces of my life with you. I want to break down barriers and let people into my life, a life filled with joy and laughter but also heartache. I invite you to laugh, scream, cry, and cheer along with me as I try to thrive with SMA Type II. Enjoy!

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"Hope is what you’ll end up with

when fear isn’t calling the shots anymore.” 

-Bob Goff

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