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New Article for Manitoba Possible Discusses Self-Advocacy, Disability and Mental Health

I got a gig!

I’m so very happy to share an article I wrote for Manitoba Possible! Through their Explore Possible Initiative, disabled people are given a platform to write about personal experiences and relevant topics.

Even though I was fresh out of the hospital from a nasty respiratory infection and so doggone tired, a few months ago I submitted an article pitch about self-advocacy. My brain was absolute mush and it took multiple drafts to get the article even close to where I wanted it, but I was determined to meet the deadline! Shortly after submitting my pitch I got the exciting news that my article was selected and now here we are!

In the article I write about the added responsibilities of being disabled, with advocacy work being at the forefront. Self-advocacy can be so overwhelming and it often comes at a cost to our physical and mental health. Drawing on my own experience, I propose we need to reframe the way we think about advocacy so that it’s not so intimidating.

Disabled woman in a wheelchair taking a mental health break at a botanical garden.

You can read the article here:

Let me know what you think and if anything resonates with you and your life!

– Crissi xo

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May 10

But I do know I will keep trying. Even if I get it wrong sometimes, I will live to press on another day.

Very captivating article Cristina, thank you so much for sharing these words. The statement above struck me as very…telling…of your incredibly brave and beautiful persistent character. I’m grateful to call you cousin and friend!

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