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Where I’m From Challenge

As part of my job as a writing fellow, I was asked to write a poem introducing myself to the class. When I first read the instructions, my heart skipped a beat as I went to full-on panic mode! I have always struggled with poetry–both in writing and understanding it. I am such a literal thinker that I'm like, "Wait a minute. You mean this poem isn't about pears at all but actually humanity’s existential crisis after WWI? Why didn’t you just say so?!”

Using George Ella Lyon's "Where I’m From” poem as inspiration, I created my own poem and actually found it an enjoyable experience. In fact, I am encouraging you to write your own version of "Where I'm From”! I will be posting my poem on social media and am inviting you to post your own composition using the hashtag #whereimfrombcl and tagging @_cristinabeth on Instagram or Cristina Waldner on Facebook . Everyone has their own Beautiful, Complicated Life and I would love to read about yours. Happy writing!

- Crissi xo


Where I’m From

I am from ocean-wide Prairie fields and snow waves,

With far-reaching sky and rainbow clouds

Streaked with a paint brush.

I’m from the steady fountain stream that washes away

The dust and earth of the roaring wind.

I’m from hospital rooms and operating rooms.

Though I have survived them, they have left scars that are soothed by

Warm sweaters, cozy blankets, loose-leaf tea and mochaccinos.

I live in words, in writing, in books, in reading,

Always learning, always striving to grow.

I’m filled with Netflix and Friends quotes, and rom coms and spy movies;

An observer of the world but never feeling a part of it.

I breathe in the soft, shimmering light,

Feeling inspired by Beauty and of other people’s dreams,

Hopeful that one day I’ll find my own.

I’m from my family, made up of children’s love, knock-knock jokes,

And a pure acceptance of who I am.

I’m from my father’s skilled hands,

My mother’s adventurous optimism,

And my sisters’ friendships.

In moments of quiet and stillness

I know most

Where I’m from;

And feel the weight

Of where I’ve come

And yet where I

Need to go.


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