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Sparkle Campaign

Spread A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go...

Life can be difficult sometimes. It can be so easy to believe we are not good enough. Not strong enough. Not resilient enough. Here at My Beautiful, Complicated Life, a diamond is not just a decorative shape for web design, but rather an eloquent metaphor for inner strength and beauty. 


With your first purchase from the Beautiful Complicated Online Shop, you will receive your own collection of symbolic gems. Whether you want to keep them for yourself as an affirmation of your strength and sparkle or give the gems to someone in your life who you admire to remind them of their own beauty, the choice is yours.


Tag @cristina_beth_ as you share your gem story on social media and use the hashtag #sparklecampaign to connect with other beautiful souls. Together we can all spread a little sparkle to the world. 

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